Guys Dive Trip in Tampa and Clearwater

Reef DiveThere is no better weekend getaway than a guys’ dive weekend! For many years my friend Tim and I used to go to the Florida Keys every May for a guys’ dive weekend. Those weekends were always a complete blast, and memories for a lifetime. We used to dive Key West both morning and afternoon dives, and by the end of a four day weekend we were all exhausted.

This past summer we had all of the old gang fly into Tampa for a guys’ dive weekend in the Gulf of Mexico. I had three good buddies from college fly into Tampa International Airport, and I surprised them with a limo pick-up. It was awesome! My friend Randy knows the owner of a limousine company in Lakeland, and he comped the entire trip. See him here if you want a truly amazing limousine experience! So it was so much fun to ride in the limo from the Airport to our hotel in Tampa Bay. It was the perfect start to an awesome weekend.

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Nearly Lost at Sea – A Cautionary Tale

If you have been diving long enough, you have probably heard stories for near misses and dangerous events at sea.  As we all know, diving has become very safe over the past 30 years.  Most dive operators would tell you that diving is nearly 100% safe with all of today’s technologies, and it nearly is.  There is only one component missing from this calculation.

That calculation, however, is the most important of them all.  That one component is the trump card on any dive trip, and that is the diver’s good judgement.  There is nothing more important than that.  This one ingredient can be the difference between a very comfortable day on the water, and a dangerous afternoon at sea.  This article from outlines the main reasons that divers have serious risk at sea.  And the reality is that often times the more experienced the diver, the more risk of becoming overly confident and putting yourself at risk.

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St. Maarten Dive Trip

St. Maarten is a great vacation destination, and also has some terrific diving.  I ventured to St. Maarten about seven years ago for a wonderful 10 day vacation. We stayed on the Dutch side, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

We went diving on three different days, and the local boat captain and dive master were a lot of fun.  On the afternoon of my first dive, we dove a reef about 60 feet deep.  I remember how gorgeous it was, because the sun was shining so bright and making the reef really glow.  It was one of those dives that was so intense that I lost track of time in nearly ran out of air!  That has not happened to me very often.  Only a few times, but it is always been one I got lost in the diving world.  This looks like the same reef:


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Welcome to my website – Nick Dive!

Welcome to!   We will explore diving explorations from around the world!  Diving is the most magical, peaceful activity that you can give yourself.  It is full of amazing moments and lifetime memories.

I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people from around the world on my dive excursions.  I have met young teenagers who just completed their certification dives, all the way up to grandparents who still had as much love as their first dive.  Well, kinda!  I remember diving in Aruba years ago, and this elderly man asked me how many dives I had.  When I responded with my number (it was low, around 10), he smiled and said “So this is still fun to you, and not work?”  A great line, and a lifetime memory.

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